Alexandra Valenti , born in Philadelphia in 1966, lives and works between Rome and Capranica, (VT).
 Her work can be found in public and private collections including the Senate of the Republic (Rome), The “Fondazione Roma” (Rome) , The Greenfield Library (The University of the Arts, Philadelphia) and the Ministry of Public Works (Rome).
Her exhibitions include “Stanze” at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Rome, 2011), “Riemergere” at MLAC (University “La Sapienza”, Rome).

Alexandra Valenti’s figurative works are rooted in the tradition of great classical sculpture with an awareness of the need to be current ; they attempt to find a proper place in the confusing state of today’s contemporary art world .
     The ceramics mark a turning point in the work that undergoes a drastic transfiguration by changing materials and language : It’s no longer the figure that is dominant but the material that constitutes it. The figurative works were metaphorically destroyed and with the remains were filled bags that in turn became the work of art. They change their function depending on the role they have to play: sometimes containers sometimes supports.

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